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Assalamualaikum to all,

My lecturer, Jo had suggested me to read more on English materials (which i really10x hate).  Well, beginning with fictions, i think it was a good start. So here,  i want to share one of my readings (sounds a lot, huh?). Jeng jeng jeng.. presenting u, A Thousand Splendid Suns by the author of The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini..

thousand splendid suns

It was a story about two main characters, women of Afghanistan, Mariam and Laila. In the beginning, it were two different stories about them. Mariam, a harami or a daughter who was born out of wedlock. Though she ‘s the innocent party in this issue, it was always she and her mother who were blamed by the society around them. But her ‘father’, Jalil was very kind to her, treated her well and visited her every week. Everything went well until one day, when Mariam decided to go to her father’s place which was being warned by her mother, Nana that he will not accept her because she was Harami and Nana will commit suicide if Mariam go. And so she did. That part changed Mariam’s whole life because
only after she went to Jalil’s house then she knew that Nana was telling her the truth about him. After Nana died, Jalil sent her to Kabul to marry Rasheed. Being Harami, Mariam was still being blamed and Rasheed was not a dreamed husband of Mariam.
Laila’s story, on the other hand was like Laila and Majnoon’s love story where Tariq was the majnoon.Laila was on her way to leave Kabul and  hoping that she will find Tariq but their car was attacked by a rocket which caused her parents died. She was saved by Rasheed. Unexpectedly,one day a guy named Abdul Sharif came and told  Laila that Tariq was died. Rasheed took  Laila as his second wife.The friendship between Mariam and Laila started and they shared all of their stories, about Jalil, about Tariq.It was a long story of them with the effects of wars, both during Soviet Union colonization in Afghanistan and when Taliban took over.
It was the story of  how women in afgahnistan suffered under the power of men and tried to survived. What happen next when Laila knew that Tariq still alive and came to Kabul? Did Jalil regret his decision of sending Mariam to Kabul and married Rasheed? Seriously, it was unexpected and sad plots coming in the end…

Well, sorry guys, i am not perfect in writing review (still learning, yeah!). Im open for any comments or corrections from you (in terms of reviewing and writing, grammar, etc). But what i really want to say here that this book is very good. For those who love history or want to know about the issue in Afghanistan, this is not a perfect book because it is not a history book, (of course), but it will draw for you the ‘scenery’ , and give you the feelings of the innocent people  who involved in the conflict of wars in Arghanistan . it is important because they are none others but our own beloved BIG FAMILY.


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